Sammal Spade

Guard Commander
Spade is a human man, commander of the town guard, and generally perceived to be a fair and honest lawman. He was appointed by the Duchess around five years ago, when as a lieutenant he exposed the former commander to be taking bribes from local organized crime elements.

Physical Description

A human male, standing around six feet; he has close-cropped, brown hair, and dull green eyes. A scar runs along the length of his left jaw. He appears to be approximately 27 years of age.


Spade is widely regarded by the community to be a fair guard; when it comes to members of the community that stay for the winter, he often uses a gentle and compassionate hand (walking a drunk home, for example, instead of throwing him in jail). However, when it comes to organized crime in the area, Spade seems to hesitate and avoid confrontation; some speculate that after Spade exposed his superior’s faults, the leaders of the mafia element threatened Spade’s life.

Sammal Spade

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