Vale's End

Vale’s End

The small port town located on the east end of Hanging Rock Vale .


Home to approximately 9,500 souls in warmer months. In the winter months, many of the sailors, fishermen and businesses dependent on the bay move south, when the storms finally reach their way northward. During these months the population can dip as low as 3,500, and the local government tends to focus more on rationing of food and the safety of the remaining populace. The racial spread is moderately human, with modest but integrated dwarven, gnomish, and halfling communities. An elven community resides in the forest surrounding Vale’s End, and has a close relationship with the township proper.

Government / Public Services

Vale’s End is ruled by a minor Baroness by the name of Tyarda d’Gellica, who swears fealty and pays regular, modest tributes to the High King residing in Thorracks. In return, the King addresses any security or infrastructure concerns which the Baroness cannot handle on her own. This is rare, however, as the Baroness d’Gellica has managed the Vale with a wise and even hand. Serving under the Baroness is four bureaucrats and a Guard Commander, each of whom handles a specific set of duties within the town.

Town Clerk: Stephan Argento. Clerk Argento handles the organization of the town and treasury. If someone were to open a new business or request permission to build a new house, for example, they would see Argento.
Guild and Trade Liaison: Gasalt Coppergrinder. Liaison Coppergrinder oversees the various Guilds and tradesmen in the town. Disputes, contracts, and membership rosters are maintained by Gasalt, though he has no direct say on Guild memberships, rates, or the like.
Dockmaster: Sir William Penfold. Dockmaster Penfold deals with ship registries, dock taxes, and maintenance on the vital parts of the port.
Vale Ranger: Sarah Tophill. Ranger Tophill leads a group of trackers, hunters, and rangers in watching and protecting the vale surrounding the town.
Guard Commander: Sammal Spade. Commander Spade trains, hires, and oversees the local guard, whose jurisdiction includes the township and docks, but does not extend into the bay itself or the surrounding wilderness.

Guilds and Notable Tradehouses

Vale’s End is home to several small chapters of continental Guilds.

Armorer’s House. This is where a few local blacksmiths can be found. There are currently three, the most skilled of which deals exclusively with the shipyard accounts.
The Pincushion. The local seamstress / tailor guildhall.
Importing Hall. Originally just another chapter of the seafaring traders’ guild, it has since encompassed the local merchants, as well.
Elakmek Outpost. An exploratory mining group sent from Slim Odds several years ago, to probe the valley’s cliffs for ore deposits. Recruitment is currently closed, though in keeping with Snori’s meritocratic standards, membership is granted to anyone proving they can add to the group’s profitability.
Bold Hearts’ Home. A room-and-board house for adventurers. Membership is only granted after completing at least one posted ‘help request;’ once completed, all confirmed to have been involved in the request are granted membership and allowed to stay in the Home and use the community pantry for a small monthly fee.
Guildhouse Major. A modest building holding rooms for clerks of smaller guilds and trade groups.
The Painted House. Located by the docks, this four-level building is painted a different, vibrant color on each side; over the years, this paint job has served as advertising for the brothel within. Head of the brothel is a mysterious woman by the name of The Fair Lady.

There is also a rumor circulating that an organized fence ring has set up shop near the docks, run by a small group of halflings. Their loyalty is said to be tied up with the halfling-run criminal group based in the heart of the continent. The halfling community as a whole claims these rumors are simply long-held racism, but the Guard Commander has publicly warned that such statements by the halfling community are inflammatory and dismissive.

Vale's End

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