Bold Hearts' Home

Bold Hearts’ Home is the “rec house” of local adventurers in Vale’s End. It consists of one four-story manse on the northwest corner of town, jutting up against the woods.


Membership is only granted once a group completes one ‘help request’ posted on the Home’s work board. When the group presents proof of request completion, they are provided a membership note, and offered room and board for a very small monthly due; memberships are usually one silver per month, though higher or lower fees may be requested on a case-by-case basis.


The Home was founded by Granny Whittick, an old gnome sorceress, some decades ago. She used her fortunes gained from adventuring to build and open the Home, despite the budding town’s protests that adventurers usually bring trouble. Day-to-day operations are mostly handled by Granny’s protege Bausus, a warm-hearted and brilliant young man. Thanks to Bausus, the Home has started to profit slightly more, allowing expansions in the last five years.


Since Granny opened the Home, it has transformed from a one-room safehouse to the mildly sprawling manor it is today. The unofficial “guildhouse” now features many useful rooms for members:

Dining Hall. This no-nonsense mess hall is nonetheless warm and comforting due to the loving atmosphere Granny and Bausus have strived to create, as well as minor wards placed on the room by Granny. It seats up to 50, though Granny can enchant it to seat up to 250.
Work Board. Anyone requiring assistance with any non-illicit situation may post a ‘help request’ on this board. There is a minimal charge (usually one copper for individuals, one silver for businesses, or one gold for guilds) and it stays until a group takes it down and accepts the job. A reward or payment to the group that completes the task is not required, but many postings have payments or promise of treasure to be found – these are adventurers, after all.
Trophy Room. Over the years, adventurers have moved on, be it through gaining careers or losing their lives, and many have left their greatest treasures to Granny. This room is filled with items of incredible value and magnificent stories. Bausus has also encouraged members to donate items on a lease-style program; he then meets any officials or ne’er-do-wells from the town in the trophy room to remind those visitors where exactly they are.
Practice Yard. A place bustling with adventurers both new and old would obviously need somewhere to ‘work out the kinks’ before a new journey. This massive yard behind the manor serves as archery range, sparring ring, and incantation practice area all in one.
Library. Bausus began taking books and curio from adventurers only half a dozen years ago; any member who donates to the library (with a book of value or interest) can bypass their membership dues from one to three months.

Bold Hearts' Home

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